We have the perfect assortment of the best little cropped tees, hoodies, dresses, stylish warmups and other apparel.  Please note that we keep a very limited stock of most items in order to give you more of a boutique experience and to ensure we can offer an assortment of new products, more frequently, as the seasons change.  We are just getting started so be sure to sign up for notifications and be the first to know when new arrivals are coming in.

**We are now accepting new clients for personal training and will soon offer several new consumer products as well!

We hope to offer you a quick and simple but pleasurable shopping experience. Thank you for stopping by!

A few words about "1fitfem"

Feel Strong, Empowered and Beautiful

The tagline “1fitfem” was created in 2013 once Cheryl was convinced that Health and Wellness would become her passion in life.  It was catchy and allowed her to hold herself accountable to a “lifetime” commitment of physically and mentally taking care of herself.  Being Fit is not only a physical thing…  It’s partly mental… This being said, Cheryl hoped that she could one day inspire women of all ages and body types to start a journey of good health and self-care so that they too could join her in a continued effort of being your “Best Self.” 

Getting, being and staying “Fit” is a different journey for everyone and requires more than a healthy diet and exercise. It starts with a positive and dedicated mindset for change.


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